NBA agrees ‘groundbreaking partnership’ with Highlight Games Limited

In the United States and the National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced that it intends to launch a bespoke virtual sportsbetting title later in the year in partnership with British online sports games developer Highlight Games Limited.

NBPA consent:

The organizer of the world’s most elite men’s professional basketball league used an official Wednesday press release to detail that its coming NBA Last 90 title is due to utilize actual game footage and highlights and be premiered with the blessing of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA).

European debut:

The NBA additionally declared that its NBA Last 90 innovation is to be offered ‘to licensed gaming operators in multiple regions across the world’ beginning in Europe before later being extended to their compatriots in the United States. It stated that this initial premiere for ‘multiple channels including retail locations, online and in mobile applications’ should occur in time for the start of its next season in October in order to offer basketball aficionados ‘a unique and compelling virtual sports gaming experience’.

Plethora of possibilities:

Scott Kaufman-Ross, Head of Fantasy and Gaming for the NBA, used the press release to explain that NBA Last 90 is to be powered by random number generator technology and allow users to wager on the various outcomes that may have taken place during the final 90 seconds of a simulated game. He proclaimed that these are to include ‘which team will win, who will score on the first possession and the total number of points scored by both teams’ and be complemented by ‘a vast archive of NBA highlights and footage’.

Read a statement from Kaufman-Ross…

NBA agrees ‘groundbreaking partnership’ with Highlight Games Limited

“Virtual sportsbetting is incredibly popular in regions around the world and we’re looking forward to giving fans another innovative way to engage with the NBA. With NBA Last 90, Highlight Games Limited has created a new spin on virtual sports basketball and delivered an authentic gaming experience utilizing real NBA content.”

Global allure:

For his part, Tim Green, Chief Executive Officer for London-headquartered Highlight Games Limited, pronounced that he was ‘delighted’ to have inked this ‘groundbreaking partnership’ with the NBA and is certain that his firm’s NBA Last 90 innovation will instantly appeal to ‘players around the world’.

Green’s statement read…

“Highlight Games Limited has an ambitious strategy to enter the nascent United States sportsbetting and virtual sports market and this collaboration is the first important step on that journey. NBA Last 90 features real NBA stars and real NBA highlights, differentiating it from any other virtual sports product on the market.”